like always


This girl and I have been friends since we were 10 or 11. It all began when we were both elected student council reps for our grade five class and fought valiantly for permission to have a class sleepover and a jumping castle on the front lawn of our school.

As present-day teachers, I think we can both agree why neither of those suggestions from the suggestion box came to fruition.

Our friendship has seen many a birthday party, multiple moves, seasons of distance, snail mail, late night chats, laughter, crushes, shared hopes and fears, cups of tea and hello/goodbye hugs over the last 14 years. There’s a sweet security in having that many years of knowing someone and being known by them. (I’m still gawking at the number 14, though. Seriously?!)

As we navigate our way through our uncharted twenties, there are so many roles we play from day to day. Entering into adulthood is exhausting, am I right? All this pressure to be confident and act your age and fake it ’till you make it.

But sometimes, all it takes is a weekend with an old friend to slip into the kind of role that lets you go on autopilot. Revelling in your detailed history together and not worrying about making the right impression or saying the wrong thing.

Just hanging out, being yourself and laughing until your stomach hurts, like always.

Spending a weekend visiting Heather in Grand Falls made me breathe a little easier amid an otherwise chaotic couple of weeks. I’m just straight up thankful for friends like her and a friendship that makes having girls’ night sleepovers at age 25 just as fun as they were at age 11.

(Without being told to settle down at 1am and go to sleep. #adulthood.)

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