listen to this | the oh hellos

I have spent a good couple of years now conditioning myself to embrace more folk-oriented music. I still can’t call myself a fan of Mumford and Sons, but it’s become pretty clear that folk rock is gonna be around for a while. It may not be my favourite genre of music, but I’m pleasantly surprised to realize that I no longer cringe at the sound of a banjo.

Sometimes I even enjoy it.

My current obsession is over The Oh Hellos, and the only thing I’m cringing at is the improper use of an apostrophe in the opening title of that YouTube video.

Sometimes heartachey, sometimes joyful, and all things in between, the lyrics and melodies of these songs are poignant and spot-on. They are so honest and contain so much deep and powerful imagery. This one is one of my favourites.

Such a heavy message set to uplifting sounds.

So good it hurts. (In a good way.)

Have a listen!


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