NL to CA: To Biola With Love

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If you keep in touch with me via Facebook/IRL, you might already know about this. But just in case you don’t, or if you enjoy a little read, here’s what’s been happening in my world:

Back in November, I went to St. John’s, NL for a weekend to attend a training session.

Fun fact: I became a licensed Zumba instructor that weekend. Yes. Random.

It was during that same weekend I met Geoff Ludlow (for the third time, I believe, but don’t quote me on that.) A long story short, Geoff’s parents have been dear family friends and mentors to me since my university days when they invited me, a starving student, into their home for Sunday dinners. A debt of gratitude I will never be able to repay.

I found myself in Cora’s (breakfast, obvi) with the Ludlows during my visit. While we were there, Geoff shared some pretty cool stories from the ministry he and his wife Jill have in Visalia, CA called Full Sail Ministries.

He mentioned a potential outreach opportunity they were in the middle of exploring. They were hoping to partner with another program that takes place during the school year for at-risk kids in the little community of Biola, CA. A summer outreach that would provide these kids a place to participate in music and the arts, play, be loved and learn about God’s love for them.

I couldn’t tell for sure if this was something that would ever involve me, since it was more of an idea at this point. But I took note that it involved music and working with kids and I happen to like both of those things. We both took note that I didn’t have any other summer plans.

Maybe it could have transpired in another way, but I certainly don’t think it was a coincidence that I went to St. John’s on a random weekend in November to become a Zumba instructor and happened to meet up with the Ludlows for breakfast.

Because six months later, I’m writing this to tell you that on June 27th, I will fly to California as a Full Sail Ministries team member to be a part of “To Biola With Love 2014”.

I’m feeling a true mix of excitement and nervousness as I prepare for this experience. California doesn’t usually conjure up the same images of need as third-world countries do, but we live in a world where hurt, poverty and need exist everywhere. I know that the children I will work with in the United States are in need and deserve to know how much they are cherished by God just as much as children in Africa do.

And I really believe in the mission of FSM, which is “using the arts to communicate God’s heart”. I love that.

So here’s where you can play a part in all of this. I will be volunteering for seven weeks as an intern and am required to fundraise $2500. That’s a big sum of money. Even though there are still some unknowns, I am saying yes to the opportunity to make a difference.

If you feel in your heart that you’d like to help me get to California, you can do a couple of things:

* Pray. For the team, for the children we will work with, for all the little details to work out.

Donate.  (Click Biola and read more here.)

* Share. Feel free to share this post or the information/donate links, and tell ya’ friends.

Thank you for reading this and thank you to everyone who has already shown support for me and this program. You are appreciated and are helping something that’s so much bigger than us.

I used to think you had to be special for God to use you, but now I know you simply need to say yes.– Bob Goff


P.S. I’ll be sharing some updates along the way, so feel free to hit that follow button on the right!


4 thoughts on “NL to CA: To Biola With Love

  1. Charlotte Buckle says:

    This is way cool, Robyn!
    I hope that you receive all of the help and more that you need to go on this awesome experience 🙂

    Ps. Congrats on becoming a Zumba instructor, haha 🙂

  2. Linda says:

    Awesome, Robyn! I will definitely support you and I look forward to those Zumba classes as well! I hear you need to brush up on your Spanish! You will be fabulous!! Chat soon! Let me know how I can help.


    • robynmch says:

      Thank you so much, Linda!! I appreciate your support! 🙂 Yes, I hope to see you soon so we can catch up! It’ll be supes awes (ome.) ❤

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