daytrip to LA


By LA, I’m obviously referring to the Newfoundland one- Lark ‘arbour.

In my quest to learn how to use my camera, I’ve realized it can be difficult to recruit subjects to practice on (subjects that aren’t your pet dogs, anyways.) Thankfully I have Jess, who is both a willing model and a professional photographer with lots of experience to share with me.

A couple weeks ago we took my camera “down the bay”  for an afternoon of practice shootin’, which turned out to be the kickoff to an absolutely glorious May 2-4 weekend. It was also our first day of double digit temperatures, so celebratory ice cream happened afterward and all was right with the world.

These are a few of my favourite photos from that day. If nothing I else, I learned that our jean jackets could totally compete with the beautiful scenery for the theme of this photo set. In fact, they make the perfect theme for any photo set.

So if you have one, you can totes join us next time.IMG_4513IMG_4592 copyIMG_4530UntitledIMG_4607Untitled7



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