N + S | Port au Port dream wedding


So this past weekend, I got to spend a beautiful, warm, sunny Saturday in Port au Port, NL filming one of the very best weddings I’ve ever seen. I kid you not. This day was so perfect from start to finish.

Natalie and Steve were an absolute dream to work with. They were relaxed, up for anything (seriously, anything, including a little hike into the woods in their wedding attire) and so obviously in love. It was inspiring, and this video has got my creative tank so full right now.

I tried to capture the unspoken connection that you can see when Natalie and Steve look at each other. It’s incredible. They just radiate joy and light. I think this video will show that.

(We are all also anxiously awaiting the rest of the breathtaking photos from Jessica Buckle Photography. As if these guys could take a bad picture, even if they tried.)

I hope for 3 minutes today you forget whatever might be bothering you and see that love is alive in the world. And that weddings really don’t have to be serious occasions. At all. : )

Congratulations again, Natalie and Steve, and thank you for letting me be part of your amazing day!


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