for the little things


For the comfort in old friendships, the potential in new ones.

For the sound the leaves make as my feet swish through them on my walk home from work.

For fresh sheets.

For the first sip of coffee in the morning- magical, each and every day.

For music that is an experience, not just organized sound.

For hugs.

For the journal I finished last week and the journey I went on as I re-read the last year of my life.

For blank cards.

For my music students who keep me laughing and learning.

For smiles and kind words at exactly the right moment.

For love, in its plethora of forms.

For inside jokes.

For the blessing and burden of feeling life intensely.

For chances to do what I really, really love.

For growth.

For Forgiveness.

For Just Knowing.

For the little things that string together to make our interwoven lives so beautiful and meaningful.

I am so very, very grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet readers. May you be surrounded by loved ones, gratitude and warmth this weekend.



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