listen to this | colony house

When Emily came to visit me last weekend, we talked about a whole lot of everything. Because that’s just what girls do.

The list of everything included music, of course. Over the years, we’ve seen how our taste in music is so similar. Anything one of us loves, the other most likely will too.

Emily told me I needed to listen to Colony House, and after only one go around of this album, I’m in love.

Do yourself a favour and listen to these guys. But listen to this song first, because oh man, it is good.

I found life and I found laughter
in forgiveness, I found rest
on the shoulders of redemption,
I found hope when hope was dead
I could lose it in a moment,
so I dare not close my eyes
I’ll watch fear fall with the sunset
and see hope rise with the tide

And when the pain is true,
sometimes these troubles prove that I’m alive.

Moving Forward// Colony House



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