little paradise


“This morning, with her, having coffee.”

Johnny Cash, when asked for his definition of paradise.

I love this photo from an impromptu lunchtime coffee date this week.

Our own little paradise.

We’ve now entered into double digits on the wedding countdown. We’re figuring out what a life together is going to look like, and this time of being engaged is so sweet.

It is Christmas-morning exciting, and as the days unfold, I am more and more amazed by the person God has placed next to me in His perfect timing.

We have a lot to do in our short engagement season, and a lot to learn.

But amid the whirlwind of wedding planning and embracing change that can sometimes seem a little overwhelming, there is a sacredness in the time we set aside to sit and listen to and learn each other that slows everything down.

Yes, coffee anywhere and any time. So long as we’re together.

Our own little paradise.


3 thoughts on “little paradise

  1. cunningkennedy says:

    this is perfect. so, so perfect. I wish everyone could enjoy their engagement like you two! we see too often the stress, the panic – when really, it’s to celebrate the two of you. and that’s what it should stay about.

    • robynmch says:

      Aw Candace! That is seriously such a lovely compliment! I’m sure you guys have seen it all. 🙂 We are really trying to keep everything in perspective and keep the stress at a minimum. So not worth it to be too preoccupied with making sure everything goes off without a hitch to enjoy our day!

      P.S. We are SO PUMPED you’ll be a part of it!!

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