Alpaca Avenue

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After a long, busy week, I made a request to Dave for a Sunday afternoon drive. Somewhere. Anywhere.

Coffees in hand, we headed for the happiest place in Newfoundland. The alpaca farm!

I always love seeing the alpacas in their fluffy, clueless glory, but the combination of ocean air, Josh Garrels, and time with my favourite person was absolutely therapeutic. I felt my mind relax and my heart swell with gratitude for this crazy beautiful province we live in.

And the alpacas. I love them.

Other highlights of our day trip included matching Roots hoodies (we’re cool) and my first trip to Danny’s Bakery in Stephenville. I have been forever changed.

After a solid sleep that I have fresh air to thank for, I am ready to tackle this last week of music lessons and the sprint to the end of the school year.

Bring on more summer adventures. And see you again soon, alpacas.


3 thoughts on “Alpaca Avenue

  1. cunningkennedy says:

    I’ve tried the famous napoleans – they’re awesome! let’s all do a sunday adventure someday – drives are my favorite way to decompress too.

    also, the matching hoodies is too cute ❤ can't wait for september!

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