bottle cove love

Our friend Jess, whose amazing photos are often featured here on my blog, had the idea to head to Bottle Cove for some magical evening engagement photos on Sunday.

The weather cooperated, Bottle Cove was stunning, and we had so much fun climbing on rocks, skipping through fields and laughing at the glorious mess my hair was in after being whipped around in the ocean wind.

I just can’t believe I live somewhere so breathtakingly beautiful.

I can’t believe I’m marrying the best man I know in just over two months.

And I can’t get over what an amazing job Jess did with these photos.

I couldn’t pick just one favourite, so here are a whole bunch. robyndave-26robyndave-32robyndave-56robyndave-42 robyndave-73robyndave-59robyndave-67robyndave-96robyndave-114robyndave-74robyndave-133robyndave-125robyndave-130robyndave-147robyndave-161robyndave-186robyndave-191


7 thoughts on “bottle cove love

  1. robynmch says:

    Thank you, Cyril. I am sure you have some very precious memories like these with your sweetheart, too many to count!

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